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We at Pmshala focus ONLY on Project/Program Management solutions. While we are known for conventional certification-oriented trainings, but our specialization is in non-conventional high end customized non-certification-oriented trainings directed towards skill enhancement.

  • Customized Project Management Trainings to meet specific knowledge and skill enhancement objectives

  • Support Training Need Identification to identify knowledge and Skill gaps. Further design and deliver relevant modules to bridge these gaps

  • Our unique Project Management Competency Assessment is designed to assess the current level of Knowledge/Skill of your Project Management Workforce

  • Tailor made practical Case Study based Project Management Trainings to augment skill enhancement

Following are a few Public/Open Courses we conduct regularly

For other courses we only provide In-House/private classes to corporates. For any of these courses/solutions do get in touch with us.


All our courses are designed by our Founder Debashis Jena who has vast experience in delivering customized solutions to corporates.

Researching and Writing

Courses we Offer

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