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Category:Indian black-and-white films Category:Films set in airports Category:2010s Hindi-language films Category:Indian comedy films Category:Indian film remakes Category:Films directed by Siddharth Anand Category:Films scored by Vishal Bhardwaj Category:2007 films Category:Films shot in India Category:2000s romantic comedy filmsThe third season of Fringe is upon us, and I’ve been enjoying it, so I wanted to have an interview with the actors who play John and Peter Bishop. Executive producer Jeff Pinkner and directors Alex Graves and Nicole Kassell were kind enough to provide answers. The interview was conducted over email, and we covered a lot of ground (plus a few things that were left out from the interview), and, for the sake of brevity, I’ve condensed and edited out a lot of information. — The Slate: How did you guys first come together to work on this season? Alex Graves: In the summer before the show premiered, the writers’ strike went on for a long time. The show was going to go on hiatus, and Alex and I were talking about what we might do during that time. As Alex and I were talking, it seemed that we had two brothers, both of whom have recurring roles on the show. Also, he and I are both from Connecticut and we both went to Yale. I had already left Yale to go to the taping of the show in Minneapolis in April. I went to the premiere in New York in October. So at the premiere, Alex and I were hanging out. We found out about the writers’ strike, but we had no idea that it would last so long, so we couldn’t do anything. Jeff Pinkner: [Alex and I] had been talking about this in the early seasons. We had thought that we had been talking about different characters. After we started writing episodes [for season 2], we realized that these two characters were actually the same character: two sides of the same character. And we had already started doing it the first season. We always knew that they would end up being related. What can you tell me about the brothers, John and Peter? JP: Their relationship is what I find to be the most fascinating part of the show. The more I think about it, the more layers I find. The two

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BANG BANG 2014 Complete Hindi Movie HD 1080p BluRay

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