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This workshop is designed to REHEARSH managing projects. While this workshop could benefit anyone into Project Management, it’s specifically helpful if you are:

  • Finding it difficult to cope up with this new role of Project Manager that you have landed upon

  • Been a Project Manager for a while but never had time to formally sit through a training to learn how to practically manage projects

  • Got certified but they didn’t teach you how to make documents, do’s & don’ts and other practical nuances of PM

  • An experienced Project Manager who wants to assess the quality of Project Management you currently apply

  • OR

  • Want to get into Project Management well equipped


After the completion of the workshop, the participants would be able to:

  • Come out as a learned professional building strong practical skills to effectively manage projects

  • Learn mistakes that you currently commit, bridge gaps in your knowledge and skills contributing towards an overall improvement in your PM capability

  • Get an insight of the quality of Project Management skills you possess through objective scorecards

  • Feel far more confident to manage projects


It’s uniquely designed with a FOUR stage learning:

  • Stage1: Coaching – High end coaching on key Project Management concepts focusing on nuances in Project Management not taught in standard project Management trainings or found in popular PM publications

  • Stage2: Case Study briefing – Explain Project scenario, templates, instructions and activities to perform

  • Stage3: Application – Candidates work on Case Study exercises and submit solution to Coach

  • Stage4: Evaluation – Coach evaluates solutions and share detailed scorecards (with scoring & feedback) for each Case Study activity for each candidate


The complete program is designed to be delivered ONLINE

  • Stage1 & 2 will be conducted in Live Virtual mode

  • Stage3 to be done by participants at their own convenience offline

  • Stage4 is for the Coach to be done offline


Key aspects of the Program include:

  • Proven model tested with more than 1000+ Project Management Professionals

  • Real life Project scenarios simulating live project

  • Wide range of Case Studies covering all Project Management areas

  • Scenarios based on New Technology areas such as IOT, Cloud, Agile etc



  • 6-7 two hour sessions covering Coaching and Case Study Briefing sessions (14 hours total)

  • About 20 hours working on Case Study Solutions (Candidates can work at their convenience




  • What are Projects?

  • Projects vs. Operations

  • Project Management

  • Constraints and Assumptions

  • The concept of Progressive Elaboration and Rolling wave planning

  • Program Management and Portfolio Management

  • Organizational Project Management

  • Mapping of Project Management Processes across the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

  • Different Life cycles models - Predictive, Iterative & Agile

  • The Role of Project Manager


  • Development of Business Case

  • Project Evolution

  • SOW – its characteristics

  • Project Charter – its characteristics

Case Study Exercise

  • Business Case

  • Project Charter


  • Collect Requirements process

  • Project Scope statement – how to prepare and update?

  • WBS – its key role in Project Management

  • Creating and Managing WBS

  • Requirement Management in Agile

  • Developing Product Backlog

Case Study Exercise

  • WBS

  • Product Backlog


  • Define Activities process

  • Sequence Activities process and creation of Network Diagrams

  • Multiple types of dependencies across activities

  • Estimating Activity Duration process

  • Various duration estimating procedures – Top-Down, Bottom-up, Analogous, Parametric, Three-Point etc.

  • The concept of Contingency Reserve in scheduling

  • Develop Schedule Process

  • The importance of calendars in the Scheduling process

  • The importance of Critical Path in Project Management

  • Critical Path computation and explanation of its characteristics

  • Application of techniques like Fast tracking, Crashing, Resource Leveling, in schedule development

  • Scheduling in Agile

  • Agile Estimation- Planning Poker

  • Team Velocity & size

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Agile Release Planning

  • Quiz - Critical Path Method Calculation

Case Study Exercise

  • Agile Estimation

  • Release Planning


  • Estimating Costs process

  • Analogous, Parametric and Bottom-up methods of Cost estimating

  • Multiple types of cost estimates – Order of Magnitude, Budgetary and Definitive estimates

  • Determine Budget process

  • Cost Baseline and its management

  • Control costs process

  • Application of Earned value management techniques for Cost Management

  • Cost and Schedule Performance Indices and their use in Forecasting

  • Quiz: Earned Value calculations


  • Identify Stakeholders Process

  • Perform Stakeholder Analysis – use of techniques like brainstorming, interviewing, Facilitated Workshop, Focus groups

  • Stakeholder Register and it’s contents

  • Plan Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix

  • Manage Stakeholders Engagement

  • Measuring effectiveness of Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Defining the future state

Case Study Exercise

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Stakeholder Register


  • Risk Management cycle in a Project environment

  • Plan Risk Management process

  • Importance of Risk Management Plan in the Risk Management Lifecycle

  • Types of Risks which can impact a Project

  • Identify Risks process

  • Risk identification facilitators – Brainstorming, Delphi techniques, Force field Analysis techniques etc

  • Risk Register preparation and updation

  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process

  • Probability Impact Matrix and its use in Risk Management

  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis process

  • Plan Risk Responses process

  • Strategies of Risk response for positive and negative risks

  • Different types of Risks – Primary Risks, Secondary Risks, Residual Risks etc.

  • Risk Register updation

  • Monitor and Control Risks process

  • Risk Response Audits

Case Study Exercise

  • Identify Risks

  • Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Risk Register


  • Developing Resource Management Plan

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix

  • Building effective Project teams

  • Develop Team process

  • Multiple stages of Team Development

  • Agile Team

  • Agile Roles

  • Role of PM in Agile

  • Practicing Servant Leadership

  • Unique sources of conflicts in Project Phases

  • Conflict Resolution Styles – Withdrawal, Smoothing, Compromising, Forcing & Confronting

  • Communications requirements analysis in the Project environment

  • Communication Channels in a Project

  • Communications Management Plan

  • Communication in Agile – Visual boards, Burn down chart

  • Quiz: Identify Conflict Resolution style

Case Study Exercise

  • Communication Matrix

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